15 ways to keep busy in lockdown

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Ok so, the country is now in lockdown. There are only a few reasons why you can be out and about still. But for most of the time, we’re stuck at home – there’s nothing to do, absolutely nothing! … Woah now! Yes, there are people. Be lucky that if it’s had to happen, it’s in a time where we’re lucky to have phones, social media, internet, video calling, etc.
Don’t get me wrong, with the weather getting nicer, it would be preferable to be out with friends or going for walks, etc. But, unfortunately for, hopefully, a short time, that is not possible. But there are still things to do. Like what you ask? Well here’s a couple of things off the top of my head and things I’ve found in general:

1. While schools are closed Audible are offering books for free. Yes, a lot are aimed at children, but there are still books available for adults too. Or if you’re just a big kid, go crazy. To have a look at what is available simply visit stories.audible.com from any web browser to get started. No log-ins, credit cards or passwords needed. Always meant to pick up a book and start reading again? Well, here’s your opportunity.
2. The BBC has a short 2 minute clip regarding HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This is the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programs/p05w69pz?xtor=ES-211-%5B30768_PANUK_NLT_12_YTH_BBCweekend_2020_25to30%5D-20200324-%5Bbbcone_howtodohiitathome_factualhealthwellbeing%5D. Could be good if you’ve wanted to get exercising with all your newly found spare time or just need something to do. If you’re interested this came from the BBC series THE TRUTH ABOUT Fitness. Which may still be on BBC iPlayer.
3. Enjoy Yoga? Or fancy giving it a go? Try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=DUUiTEsex48&app=desktop – it is specifically designed for those with Visual Impairments.
4. Learn a new skill or do an online course. If you love learning this could be a great opportunity to have that time to finally sit down and learn something new and/or interesting. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Welsh? Maybe you want to do that online safeguarding qualification you’ve been meaning to get around to? Well, there are loads of online platforms and smartphone apps to do these things. Get going y’all.
5. Meditate. Some people love to just have a bit of quiet. This could be good for those who find meditation relaxing, or if you just need a bit of ‘you time’ without kids screaming or dogs barking around you. Again, there are loads of apps and websites to help with this. Or even Alexa if you have one. If you have a dot, plus, etc. try asking – “Alexa open guided meditation”. See if you find this one simple and soothing enough.
6. Learn how to play an instrument. Bought that drum set months ago and still not bothered or had time to learn what to do with it? Then look up tutorials on YouTube. YouTube is a great resource for learning skills, listening to podcasts or just listening to what others think about different topics. Check it out.
7. Do you play a sport or partake in a martial art? Why not take the opportunity to either inside (only if it is appropriate people!), or outside in the nice weather practice some skills? Throw a ball around, practice your technique, hone your skills, find a different tactic, etc. Then when the lockdown is over, impress your club-mates.
8. If you love to exercise point-blank. This could be for you: https://britishblindsport.org.uk/stay-in-work-out/. It’s created by British Blind Sport with their hashtag #StayInWorkOut. They will be uploading exercise videos on this site in the hope to keep us all moving and active.
9. Take a breath. Had a stressful few months? Do you go out and when you get home you can’t relax as there’s too much to do? Had some family issues recently? Are you having to constantly be doing things for other people? Then stop! This is YOUR time. Every now and then humans need to just put a pin in it all. We all need to just sit down, put our feet up, and breathe. Don’t take it as being lazy or unproductive. Put the kettle on, put something on the TV, and relax. A time to get away from the hectic ways of life is great to help you destress. Or if you’re more an outdoor person, take a chair out into the garden and bask in the glorious sunshine.
10. Spend time with others. If you live with family or friends. Take the time to get to know them better, or to just spend some general time together. Get a board game out, get a video game out, play rock paper scissors – whatever it is. Use this time to bond and potentially, get competitive! Have a week-long monopoly marathon – if you can handle it!
11. Keeping creative. Here’s a link to a website which encourages people to keep the creativity flowing: https://www.marchnetwork.org/creative-isolation (there are lots of things from stories to origami)
12. If you live alone, have no pets and aren’t really an exercise person. How about catching up with shows you’ve been watching or have been meaning to watch? Why not research something online? Catch up with a friend you’ve not spoken with for years via Skype or Facebook. Or just plain, take the time to clean and tidy. Go through your house, have a proper spring clean. Do all the things you don’t normally have time for or that you purposely procrastinate. It might actually help your mental health by doing some of these things.
13. Get arty with it. Either using things you already have or buy something online that takes your fancy and get creative and crafty. Sketch, build, doodle, colour in, stitch, or sculpt. Either just for fun, or maybe it’s a family or friends special occasion soon – birthdays, anniversaries, Easter or maybe you make your nan a card that says “Happy Just Cos Day”. It may end up brightening yours and someone else’s day.
14. Alexa. Yes, hail be to Alexa. Alexa is full of so many things to do. If you have one, have a look at what skills she can offer you. Most are free but not all so do be careful. From music to quizzes, from games to interesting facts, from the news to jokes. Have a browse through and see what takes your fancy.
15. Check online. Since this is worldwide, there are dozens of organizations and charities taking the time to help keep us all sane. Take a look at some websites. There are many that give you handy hints, interesting things to try, and info on how to survive just generally during this time. Plus, some even are holding telephone social calls, online workshops, and general help and support if you just need someone at the end of the phone to talk to. There are lots out there from RNIB, Sightlife, and LOOK UK. And many many more.

So don’t look at this as OMG I’m so bored. Change your perspective. It really will help

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