2 Mar 2017

If I was a Graffiti Artist

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If I was a Graffiti Artist

I recently watched a documentary about the origins of graffiti and the vital part it has played to help historians discover how humanity thrived prior to the abundance of documentation such as journals, certificates and newspapers. Some of the earliest examples of graffiti can be found in the Grottes D’Arcy, a cave system which was […]

22 Feb 2017

Cardiff Storm Event #2

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Cardiff Storm Event #2

While Storm Doris was creating havoc across the country, in Cardiff we were creating a Storm all of our very own. On Wednesday the 22nd of February we ran our second Cardiff Storm event all around Independent Living. Now while for many those two words can be quite daunting we wanted to take away all […]

30 Nov 2016

Storm Event #1

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On a cold November evening in Cardiff we hosted our very first Storm Event. We invited young adults from across South Wales to join us in Urban Tap House for a few hours to discuss the services they’re receiving and what they feel is missing. Of course there was an opportunity for everyone to grab […]