Cardiff Storm Event – Health and Wellbeing

Posted by on Apr 12, 2018 in Blog, Updates

Our most recent Storm Event happened in February in Cardiff.  We hosted the event at Chapter Arts Centre and it focused around the theme of Health and Wellbeing.


Mared and i felt this was a really important theme to cover and inform young people about.  We firstly had Marcia Morgan from Public Health Wales come in a talk and discuss with the group about their Accessible Standards Information Project that they’d been running.  This project was focused on making doctors surgery more accessible to people with sensory loss and improving patient experience. This is something they are continuing to work on and were keen to get people’s opinion on their experiences with surgeries. Following on from Marcia we had Emma Richards from Sight Cymru come in and talk about their Emotional Support Mental Health Project that they ran and the ECLO (Eye Care Liaison Officer) service.


Sharon Beatty an Accredited Low Vision Practitioner came with a suitcase full of Low Vision Aid to explain to the group what the Low Vision Service was, how it could benefit them and what you need to do to get assessed.  All the equipment was laid out so everyone could get up close to have a look and try out the sort of products that are available. Lastly Alastair Sill from Cardiff Institute of the Blind came to talk about his role as a connector and specifically the hard work he’s been doing to make Hub Centres in Cardiff accessible to people with Sight Loss.


This session was really informative and very valuable for learning about the services available and work that’s being done to make healthcare accessible to people who are Vision Impaired.

Keep an eye out on the website or in our next Storm Newsletter about other events we run and what we get up to.


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