Rehabilitation and Independent Living Video

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Blog, Updates

This is an informative video about the Rehabilitation service.  We spoke to two service users and a rehab officer for the Cardiff area Jason Grubb.

Ian Moran –¬†Chairman for Welsh Rehabilitation Officers Forum (WROF)

“Rehabilitation is different for each individual person. The main part of our job is to listen to what is important to the person and help identify outcomes. These outcomes can vary from person to person. For example, applying makeup for a night out, travelling to a friends house or accessing social media independently . We aim to achieve this by offering advice/information, recommending equipment and providing training that is tailored to the individual.”

“I believe that everyone who has a vision impairment, no matter where they live in Wales, should have access to a qualified vision rehabilitation officer, who will assess, plan and deliver training to increase independence, safety and wellbeing.”

“i would like to thank everybody involved in the production of this video because it helps to promote our role to people out there who may not know that this service is available to them .”

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