Footfalls through history

Posted by on Jan 25, 2019 in Blog

During the summer I spent a week in the character-filled and rustically charming city of Naples, Italy. Or as I referred to it throughout the holiday, as a city comparable to a loveable rogue.


On one of the days, my brother Mike and I decided to visit the Roman city of Pompeii. A place that, as a history undergraduate, I should definitely visit whilst staying in Naples. Unsurprisingly I was not disappointed with the site at all, it was very much what I expected and more. In particular, the reconstructed theatre was absolutely beautiful, as it gave this aura of amazement. The sheer scale of it was truly astonishing. Despite being mesmerised by the sight in front of me, I was also terrified. My lack of depth perception alongside being registered blind, was quite tricky to deal with when the stone steps and seats were exactly the same colour. Even though this was a bit of a pain, I did not let it stop me from enjoying this historical site.


Exploring Pompeii was quite a challenge, but it was very much worth it, and for only €13, bargain!


As a history undergrad, Naples had a lot of interesting sites to offer and discover. After a long day’s exploration, tucking into a pizza with tomatoes from Vesuvius and a glass of white wine was simply bliss.


So, as someone with a visual impairment, I would say that it should not stop you from travelling the world and having fun. Do it. It’s worth it. Trust me!


Amy Gifford

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